Alright let's do this! First let's get your environment setup if it hasn't been already. Everything needed is free or has a free tier. We need to be scrappy in our early days!

  1. Register for MongoDB Atlas

    1. Create a database called backend with the following collections:

      1. tenants

      2. users

    2. Create a user with access to the database.

  2. Register for Stripe

  3. Register for Mailgun

  4. Register for a Facebook Developer Account (used for authentication)

  5. Register for a Google Cloud Account (used for authentication)

We are now on our way!

Open up your favorite shell (bash, cmd, etc), go into the backend directory, and type

npm install

This will install all the other dependencies needed such as express, mongoose, etc.

Now, go into the frontend directory and do the same.

npm install

This will install all dependencies needed for the frontend such as, react-router, material-ui, validate.js, etc.

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